What are Your Plans to Learn English in 2023?

How to learn speak English? Learn to speak English in these 4 ways in 2023

4 best ways to learn speak English

Hello friends, welcome to you in today's article, in which you will know how to learn to speak English in 2023, many of you want to speak English and want to learn, for which we keep working hard to speak English to people. Do it. But even after trying so hard, we are not able to speak in English in front of anyone.

Friends, today's article will help you a lot in how to learn to speak English, because in this article I am going to tell all of you four such best tips and tricks, by following which you can learn to speak English very easily, but for this first You have to read this post carefully till the last so that you can speak English well.

You all know that what is most important for speaking English, so I will not discuss much about it. Friends, before this, let me tell you all that why you should read this article carefully, the main reason for this is that if you are very worried about the solution of this problem of how to learn to speak English for a long time, for which you attend coaching Are working very hard.

So even after this, if you are not able to learn to speak English well, then this article of today is going to be very useful for you, that is why you do not have to miss this post at all. Why am I telling all this to all of you, this question must be coming in your mind.

So I would like to tell you that I am a Hindi medium student and I did not know English, due to which I was very eager to learn and speak English, for which I also joined coaching, but I could not speak English well from there. After learning, I adopted these four tricks, with the help of which I can speak English well today. So now I will tell you those four tricks by which you can learn and speak English easily. So let's start today's process

Table of Contents

how to learn to speak English

1. Your Environment

2. Learn Basic First

3. Make On Dictionary

4. Self Confidence


how to learn to speak English

Friends, I will tell you some such four things, using which you can easily learn English because I have also learned English through these tricks. So let's know about those four things.

Your Environment

Learn Basic First

make on dictionary

Self Confidence

1. Your Environment

The first and most important thing to learn English is your environment, before learning English you have to decide what is your environment and in which environment you want to go. So prepare your environment before speaking English.

Many times it happens that in the place where you live, English is not spoken at all, due to which the people there make fun of you, taunt you because of which your confidence is completely reduced, so that you can never learn English. If you do not insist, then you can never speak English.

There will be many people among you who understand English very well, so that if a person in front of you is speaking in English, then you would understand him very well but you cannot speak English. Why all this happens because you are not in your right environment. So before learning English you have to create your right environment which you can do in two ways.

First of all, see if there is any institute in the city near you, here you can learn to speak English very soon because there is no one to make fun of you here. Secondly, you can shift somewhere where English is spoken for 24 hours.

Whatever you can do out of these two, you should do it first because you will learn to speak English very quickly but it is very important for you to know about where to speak it, where to practice it, so you have to first Pay attention to your environment. Along with becoming a good environment, the second important thing is to learn only basic first. how to learn to speak English.

2. Learn Basic First

Many people make this big mistake while learning English that they start learning things of advanced level and find out each other's mistakes due to which they can never speak English. For this, first of all what you have to do is to learn the basic level things first, don't go to the advanced level and don't think about them at all.

When you will learn the things of Vices Level, then you will learn the things of Advanssed Leval yourself. So you don't have to worry about that at all. Now let me tell you those four topics which you will learn first which will help you a lot in learning English.

1. Tense :- First of all you have to learn Tense which is very important for speaking and learning English

2. Voice :- On the second number you have to learn voice, which you also call pesi voice, this is a very basic chapter.

3. Preposition: - On the third number you have to learn very important and important chapter which is proposition.

4. Conjunction: - On the fourth number you have to learn conjunction. These four topics are very important for learning English.

See friends, it is important for every human being to learn English.

There may be different impressions, but the things I am telling, I am telling them as my experience and sharing with all of you dear readers. May be your inspiration to learn English is different but you have to learn these four topics well.

3. Make On Dictionary

After learning a good environment and basic structure, now you have to prepare your own dictionary. Whenever you start learning English, you must have felt that you are falling short of words. You do not know what it is called, what it is called, because of which you are not able to learn to speak good English.

When you start learning English, you pick up the dictionary, in which you start memorizing words one by one, but I will tell you a method that I used for myself, due to which I remember English words well. Happened and I got a lot of benefit from it.

Whenever you start learning English, keep a diary with you. Whatever you have seen from morning to evening, then ask yourself the answer in English. Here two types of list will be made, one which you will already know and the other will be those which you will not know about.

How to do this, first of all understand it – Suppose you wake up in the morning and you see a table, now table is called table in English, you will already know this, then there is no need to write this word in your diary. .

After this, when you got down from the bed and came to the balcony of the house, you saw a pot kept there, whose English word you do not know, then you have to search it in your dictionary and find out the correct English word. The word is Flowerpot, so you will write this word in your dictionary.

So there are many words whose English translation you do not know, then by knowing it through Google or any other means, keep noting it in your own dictionary, so that your own dictionary will be prepared.

4. Self Confidence

Now you have created a good environment and have learned the basic structure and you have also created a dictionary of your own, so it means that now you are completely ready to learn and speak English. But now the most important chapter comes your Self Confidence without which you will never be able to speak good English.

You must have seen in many people that they have very good knowledge and yet they are not able to speak good English, the main reason for which is their self-confidence, while speaking English, you yourself get nervous and feel ashamed and sometimes people If they start making fun of you, then because of all this, you lose your Self-Confidence completely, due to which you are not able to speak in front of the people as much as you have learned.

So read carefully what you have to do to increase your Self Confidence – First of all you have to learn how to speak, how to do this, when you join an institute, then you have to stand there in front of 20 to 25 people and give a speech. Or you have to stand in front of a big mirror in your home and talk to yourself in English. In the beginning, you will definitely find all this a little funny, but it is a very good practice to speak English.


How did you find this information about how to learn to speak English, tell us in the comments and also tell that which of these four methods you have adopted to learn English. So friends, I hope that all of you must have liked this information very much and must have understood how to learn to speak English.

There is a small request from all of you dear readers that you should also share this article with your friends and relatives who want to learn to speak English so that they too can learn easily by reading this article. So that's all for today we meet with the next new topic till then take care of yourself. thank you 

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