My experience learning English


Today I want to share with you my experience learning English, which began with a one-year course. I would also like to share what I learned from my mistakes, with the hope that by sharing them you will not repeat them.


So when you are speaking English in front of other people, don't forget to use your body language, this will help you absorb more vocabulary and make you feel more comfortable.

Also, remember this general rule, which many English speakers do not know:
When you speak you repeat what you already know, but when you listen carefully you can learn things that you did not know before.

When conversing in English remember to make eye contact with the other or other people, this will do and show that you pay attention to what is being said which will help you to become an avid learner.

Always smile, this will make you mentally strong and reduce your stress levels, which in turn will help you learn better. Adopt new vocabulary and improve your skills.

Try to use the least amount of words in Spanish, replacing them with others in English during your day to day.

Never stop learning, try to learn new vocabulary daily and implement it in your conversations. Practice.
In my next article I will share with you one of the fundamentals of the English language, without which your use of this new language will be incomplete: The vocabulary.

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