Justice for Priyanka Reddy

Doctor Priyanka Reddy 
 was killed after raped 
   and burnt alive at 
Shadnagar, Hyderabad. 
Those who responsible 
  must be given death 

#justiceforpriyankareddy Hyderabad

we all are an enormous failurer

 our daughters, our 
 sisters, our mothers, 
 Our friends
 aren't safe

 from Nirbhaya to 
 Nothing has changed

 What society are we 
 living in?



 Case happened whole 
nation went into shock

Thought some strict law 
will come but even after

 Nothing has 
 That day it's was

Today It's Priyanka
Tomorrow it'll 
be our daughter, 
 sister, mother.

Punishment for rape in world: China - Death Saudi - persevere public N.Korea - death by fire Israel - hang Afghan - hang 
India - anti rape bill 2013 act, imprisonment for 14years. can we still need this type of weak law? 

Some people here asking
not to go alone in the dark 
 Is that a "solution"? 
 we'd like a Society"
Where girls can go alone even in the dark 2am
 in the dark 2am
 And nobody even dares to
 that is the 
 solution we'd like 

Now it is time to boost our voice again to government then government live then they take action

See during which country has which sort of law against to reppist

So why not in India

When government will awake and take action against to them

Nothing will change if we don't want so here we need to Stand together against to this and find the solution about it

We need #justiceforpriyankareddy

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