Best Course to Speak English Fluently | 10 Books to Learn English from Hindi

We have selected for you the 10 best books from which learning English is easy and effective. These books not only teach English in simple language but also start from the easiest topics and move towards the difficult ones.

Some of these books are also such that they have audio and some have questions and answers. We hope you enjoy these books and learn from them.

1. English Speaking Course (with CD)

The present book 'English Speaking Course' has been written in a scientific way, different from the English teaching books available in the market. The modern style of teaching English has been used in this book, which will make it easier for the readers to understand English and speak it fluently. |

This book is divided into the following sections: Alphabet; pronunciation; Grammar; Sentences; Conversation; writing; Vocabulary; exercises.

2. Rapidex English Grammar Course

Rapidix English Grammar Course is suitable for any age group. You'll feel comfortable with grammar after completing this 6-week English grammar course.

About the author: TKB Sinha is an Indian author who has written various books.

3. Hindi-English Expert Translator

This book provides a simple yet effective way to learn English as well as translate from Hindi to English. It has many common Hindi sentences translated into English, which allows learners to easily understand the day-to-day words and how to use them in sentences while writing or speaking in English. |

4. Rapidex English Sentence Framing Course

One of the very important things we want to learn while learning English is how to string words together to form a complete sentence. This book is very helpful in understanding this technique.

If you want to learn how to make English sentences easily while speaking or writing, then definitely read this book.

5. Rapidex English Speaking Course

Rapidx English Speaking Course is a handbook and a guide for Hindi speakers to help them understand and converse in English.

It is intended for individuals who wish to speak English fluently and address a wide range of readers – from those who understand English to those who learn English and are familiar with grammar and rules, but Lack confidence and hesitate to use language in speaking.

This special publication addresses those who converse in Hindi on a daily basis.

6. Instant English

People who want to learn English fast and have an urgent need to speak in English must try this book as it focuses on the topics which a number of people take least in their daily conversation.

7. Learn English In Hindi

In today's competitive world, it is essential to have knowledge and confidence in the English language in order to be successful. But sadly, students in India who go through rural or Hindi medium lack the apprehension to speak, write and read in English.

8. Popular English Grammar (with Hindi Explanations)

We all feel the need for English Grammar especially when we have to correct our mistakes. In such a situation, this book will easily explain the complex rules of grammar in simple Hindi.

9. Popular Hindi-English Master (Senior)

If you already know a little bit of English and want to learn new and difficult words, then this book can help you a lot.

In addition to teaching, you will also be asked questions and answers, so that you can learn better and remember what you have learned.

10. Mini English Speaking Course (English-Hindi)

If you're just starting out in learning English and want a course that's short and takes you through all the basics quickly, then this book is perfect for you.

Rapidex English Speaking Course Book PDF provides lessons that teach you the finer points of the English language. You will learn to speak, read and write fluently. It is a must for all Indian students who want to learn competent spoken English.

So, take advantage of this opportunity to download this PDF from our website absolutely free of cost and share this post with your friends and dear ones. 

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