How to Learn English easily or faster: five different ways

Are you looking to enhance your English speaking skills? Being the most commonly spoken language across the world, many people are looking to learn, and further their English. Non-native English-speaking countries such as The Netherlands, South Africa, and Singapore have over 60% of their population conversational in the English language. Although a common language, it’s considered to be one of the most difficult things to learn English. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you on your way to becoming an affluent English speaker.


Read Out Loud

Read the newspaper or magazine yourself. It's a great way to practice pronunciation because you just need to focus on making sure you know English and don't have to worry about making sentences or grammar. Learn A New Word Every Day Pick a word you want to work on and practice using it in different sentences.

Make Friends

The best way to learn English is to become friends with other English speakers or people who are learning English and compare notes.

Do Interesting Activities In English

By expressing yourself through things you are passionate about, you can make practice more enjoyable.

Have A Debate

Try to use as much vocabulary as you can to make your point, and listen carefully to other arguments so that you can argue against them effectively.

Use A Dictionary

Online dictionaries often have audio examples so you can check your pronunciation and there are lots of great dictionary apps that you can take with you everywhere on your smartphone. To
learn English speaking, this is a good strategy.

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