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May 2021

As May begins, we're feeling inspired! Our latest LearnEnglish Lessons this month are all about wonderful pets and amazing animals. We have four exciting community events coming up where you can learn with us live online. We also share a motivating learning tip with you below, as well as a useful writing lesson for anyone who writes a lot of emails.

What will you learn this month?

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New for our subscribers

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Are you an animal lover? This month, subscribers can read about alpacas and other unusual pets, listen to a conversation about zoos, learn how to use be used to and get used to and much more!

We add new lessons at A2, B1 and B2 level every month.

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Community events

Connect with us at our live events on Facebook and YouTube! This month we talk about:

  • IELTS Reading (6 May)
  • Working from home (11 May)
  • Learning about the UK (20 May)
  • Animals (25 May)
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Tips and free resources

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Learning tip

When you are learning, it's important to see how much progress you've made. Our grammar pages give you a short test at the beginning and another test at the end. Seeing your improved score will motivate you to keep on learning!

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Learn how to give instructions by email in this useful lesson. Read the example email and try the exercises to check your understanding and learn useful phrases to make polite requests.

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LearnEnglish Subscription is a flexible, low-cost way of learning English online in your own time, at your own speed. Improve your language level and professional communication skills. Express yourself with confidence with our online, self-study English courses.

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