Amazon selection process full details is a very popular American company based in Seattle that focuses on e-commerce 
Amazon pays high salary to it's employees for sufficient work and the mentation of the company is really extremely high it's staff is also corporative through the work or workers, and the company has relaxing points  through out the environment 

jobs in amazon in delhi - noida, india | affiliate - Amazon -
jobs in amazon in delhi - noida, india | affiliate - Amazon -

Amazon center development noida contact number 

How amozon works

There is no doubt that amazon continuously touches the very best position with the assistance of groups of individuals, numerous people  join amazon every day and many of people seek to become partners with amazon to get included under of banner of

My experience

I went there in February, 2020 as a fresher. I had no idea about what sort of interview  would be made. Then the interview began and I achieve success. Before the interview there was an online interview in which the first round had 30 multiple-choice questions with timing and I managed to complete it before time was up.

Was I hired?

 "No" because the second round was very difficult. In this round most of the applicants are eliminated because it is so though without preparation. You cannot crack the second round of the interview at

 After I failed in the interview

 Your application gets frozen for 90 days and you cannot go there before the end of this period. This rule often applies not only at Amazon and most companies throughout the world use this method. So after the 90 days are up you will get an email that you can now re-apply for an interview.

 Benefits : 

 Here are all the benefits you'll get if you get selected and before getting the job here, you should consider the role you will simply play after or before taking the job in amazon

Below I mention the salary, working shift, timing and lots of more. Check this out: 

jobs in amazon in delhi - noida, india | affiliate - Amazon -

I hope you enjoyed this post and learned something about the amozon job privacy policy and task. Goodbye and in my next post I will tell you exactly why I got rejected by I got rejected due to sentence completion. It is really very tough to crack during amazon’s interview.

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