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The Difference Between Invention and Innovation

The distinction Between Invention and Innovation If you think invention and innovation are the same, you are wrong.
 They both as different as day and night. So, don’t waste any time, let’s start.

The Difference Between Invention and Innovation

What is Invention

Invention is a new discovery which has never been found by anyone or never exist on the planet before

Just like bulb. Bulb is the invention .

What is Innovation

Innovation is when someone use their mind and put such a lot of  efforts to vary  or moderate the items . Just like L.E.D Bulb. L.E.D Bulb is the Innovation

What Is The Difference Between Invention and Innovation

Invention is when something never exist on the planet and it's found by someone.  or Innovation is when someone customize and equivalent thing as a new way, which is already invented by someone earlier.


• Telephone

• Gas cylinder

• Bulb

• T.v

• Smartphone

When someone put their efforts  and alter the items is  called Innovation.


• Mobile

• Electric Stove

• L.E.D

• L.C.D

• Tablet

 I  think that now you've got the difference between invention and innovation 


Now I have a question : have you ever invented something or do any innovation   ? If yes,  tell us about it the comment. I would like to know how intelligent my viewers are.



If you  never try  to think of creating something or even  inventing the thing in your daily life, and now you are asking how to do that, read this.


Vocabulary is an invention.  You always make questions and give  effective answers  using the vocabulary. So in this case, you innovate something new





Invention and innovation are not the  same. Both are very different and are perfect as on their own place.

I hope you like my writing and learn something new from it.

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