The Difference Between Invention and Innovation

The Difference Between Invention and Innovation

The Difference Between Invention and Innovation


There is a huge difference between invention and innovation. If you were thinking it to be the same, then you are wrong. There is a day and night difference between the two. So without wasting further time, let's start.

What is Invention?

An Invention is a discovery of something new to mankind. It involves creating something which has never been found by anyone or which never existed on the planet before just like the invention of the bulb by Thomas Edison.

What is Innovation?

Innovation is a process in which someone uses their mind and puts in efforts to vary or moderate items that already exist. Innovation is the idea of making things better with time. For example, an L.E.D Bulb is an innovation.

What Is the Difference Between Invention and Innovation?

Invention occurs when something which never existed on the planet before is created by someone while Innovation takes place when someone customizes or modifies an existent idea or product in a new way making it better than before. This means that innovation is a new form of an already invented item. Innovation means to change while invention means creation.

Examples of Invention

·       Telephone

·       Gas cylinder

·       Bulb

·       Television

·       Desktop

·       Cell phones

Examples of Innovation

·       Landline

·       Electric Stove

·       L.E.D lights

·       Smart Televisions

·       Laptops

·       Smartphones

Since now you have understood the basic difference between an invention and an innovation, I have a question for you.

Have you ever invented or innovated something?

 If yes, tell us about it in the comments. I would love to know how intelligent my viewers are. 

If you have never tried creating something or innovating the things that you see in your daily life but now you want to know how to do that, you must read this.

Vocabulary is an invention. You can always create questions and try to find out effective answers using vocabulary. While doing this you can innovate and modify.


Invention and Innovation are not the same. Both are very different from each other and are quite perfect in their place. Our world needs creative minds who have the power to bring something new into this world and help mankind.

I hope you like my writing and would love to see people learn something new from it.



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