Hello viewers

So today I will share with you  'vocabulary'

Vocabulary has two parts:

Active vocabulary and passive vocabulary

Before learning it you have to know what is vocabulary. Actually vocabulary is a 'word'
You can call word meaning

And now comes on the point

So..  basically active vocabulary is which things that you use in your daily life

And passive vocabulary is that things which you didn't use in your daily life

Whenever, you learn something new words or you use it also in your conversation this is called active vocabulary

And however you learn something new words but you didn't use it, but you knows then you also didn't use even your sentence this is called passive vocabulary

So whenever you learn something new so use it also then you are count in active learner

That's why I put this blog website name https://youcanlearnanything105.blogspot.com/?m=1

I am hardelly hopefull now you understand what is vocabulary so it's perfect time to take your test or give the test

Here, are the some questions that you have to give corrrcorr amswan in the comment

I will read then I say you that you learned or  not or you need to some practice

So let's get start

And remember that

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