Hello there, viewers.

So today I'm going to share some 'vocabulary' with you.

There are two parts to vocabulary:

Both active and passive vocabulary are used.

Before you can learn it, you must first understand what vocabulary is about. Vocabulary is all about words, the words in a language or a special set of words you are trying to learn.'

Word meaning is another term for vocabulary.

And now for the meat of the matter.

So active vocabulary is what you use in your daily life.

And passive vocabulary refers to words that you do not use in your daily life.

When you learn new words and use them in your conversations, this is referred to as active vocabulary.

And if you learn new words but do not use them, but you are aware that you are also not using your sentence, this is known as passive vocabulary.

So, whenever you learn something new and apply it, you are considered an active learner.

That is why I named this blog https://youcanlearnanything105.com/

I am very hopeful that you now understand what vocabulary is, and that it is now the appropriate time for you to take or give the test.

Here are some questions for you to correct and answer in the comments.

I will read, and then I will tell you whether you learned or not, and whether you need to practice.

So, let us get started 

Also, keep in mind

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