Talking About Time

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So, today topic is talking about time
In different way

Today we find out how to inform an equivalent time but in several way

So, here is that the topic

And after careful reading
Let's see how to use it
Let's jump on the some examples
That I have for you

Let's see another example with briefly

After learn about time
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For whom

It's the perfect time to show what you learned with a test. Let's complete it and I will be able to tell you what score did you get. 

Let's start

1. It gets conflict night.

2. The museum is outdoors 9:30 for six .00 Low Sunday .

3. and therefore the evening, i prefer to relax the house .

4. Did you choose the market ___on the weekend.

5. She likes to read ___ going bed .

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So now it's ending time of talking about time I hope you something learn about today bog talking about time

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