RUN-ON SENTENCE


Things without it English sentence have no sense

Have you notice something when you speak something so you use FANBOYS

In your sentence without using FANBOYS 

Your sentence it's not come with sense

Now you start thinking that what is FANBOYS:

FANBOYS is the main part on the sentence.


F - for

A- and

N - not

B - but 

O - of 

Y - yet

S - so

Yes..this is the FANBOYS

So.. we are talking about run on sentences

If you not using FANBOYS in your sentence so your sentence doesn't add up or its difficult to know for an additional so it's called RUN- on sentences

Just look the example

We visited movies after the films we went home

This example haven't sense this is often very difficult to know without FANBOYS

Now we use FANBOYS and then see 

Same sentence make sense and it's easy to understand also let's do

We visited movies and after the films we went home.

So this the proper sentence because now during this sentence have sense and its sentence easily express what they need to mention 

So now you can understand important of FANBOYS

Without using FANBOYS your sentence called RUN-on sentences and it's run up your mind also

And now if you understand what's RUN on sentences or what's FANBOYS

So it's perfect time to take your test

Look at the following and give the correct answer

1. I'm having a good day today it's my birthday.

2. Ravi hit the ball very far it went over the proper field wall.

So first read the question carefully then give the answers after your giving amswan i will be able to tell you that you simply are right or wrong

If you are wrong so don't worry about it I will you explain you in the different way the same thing

And if you are right so best of luck

Or for learning English you'll visit on my website also there I sjarsh how you become fluent in English

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