Run-on Sentences


Run-on sentences are  two or more complete phrases that are connected with each other in meaning, but reading them for the first time feels like it makes no sense.

To make a proper meaning in your sentences you need some simple words that play a great role in completing your sentences. Those words are called FANBOYS.

You can notice yourself while speaking or talking to someone, fanboys come out easily to add a value and meaning to your speech. If you didn’t consider using fanboys, people won’t understand you well.

So if we want to be clear, we need first to show what FANBOYS stands for:

F - for

A- and

N - not

B - but

O - of

Y - yet

S - so

Yeah, this is the FANBOYS.

Back to RUN-ON SENTENCES, not using the fanboys convert any phrase to a run-on sentence, which makes it difficult to understand.

Just have a look at the example below:

We went to the movies after the film we went home.

At first sight, this sentence doesn’t make sense, you feel like it needs a small addition.

But if we put one of the FANBOYS, it would be a lot different.

“We went to the movies, and after the film we went home.”

A Lot better, isn't it?

Now the sentence is very clear in meaning and sounds more realistic

So now you know the importance of the FANBOYS.

Without the fanboys your sentence is a RUN-ON sentence, as it runs your mind on.

You are now fully aware of RUN-ON SENTENCES and FANBOYS, so you I guess you are ready to take the test.

Look at the following ant give the right answer:

1. I'm having a good day today it's my birthday.

2. Ravi hit the ball very far it went over the proper field wall.

Please carefully read the previous sentences, then check the wrong or missing part, leave your answer and I will personally read your suggestions.

Don’t worry if your answer wasn’t correct, I will explain it to you again in another way.

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