Learn english

Nowadays English is that the main topic and everybody wants to find out this

Welcome to my blogging which is you'll learn anything
Yes, guys you'll learn anything and anywhere.
But unfortunately for several people this is often the very big deal

They think that English is that the one among the toughest language
But today's it's become a easy for you with my tips
So first and main tip is:
Don't translate between two languages
Yes, guys you hear right don't translate between two languages
Because it's take your to much time and you recognize alright that
English and Hindi features a different grammar pattern

And second is:
Talk to yourself in English
Yes, ask your self the maximum amount as possible
This is the attractive thanks to improve our English 

Third is :
Think only in English
Don't be fear about mistake
If you are doing mistake then you'll study your mistake

So I hope my all viewer you learn something about my this text .


So, today we focus on

So, I hope as usual you learn something through my this pera..

Now.. I will meet you meet another interesting topic in next blog

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