Fluent in English how to learn english how to speak english

Fluent in English

Hi.... Hello So today you find out how to be fluent in English and the way to find out English in easy way • Don't watch English movies with subtitles • Don't translate between two languages • do not be fear about mistake • Think only in English • ask yourself in English • Talk front of the mirror in English • Use social media to find out English • Take social media help to enhance English • Chat on Instagram or WhatsApp in English There is the second affective thanks to improve your English Or Inhance your english Or main tip for you that I even have This is 3. ask yourself in English Whenever you're reception , you'll practice your English together with your favourite person: yourself. the subsequent tips would assist you to talk to yourself in English: Read aloud from your favourite books Speak aloud together with your own thoughts. Use a mirror to practice as you'll see r your partner. Use a recording device (e.g., your phone) ' to record what you read/speak (you will be ready to hear yourself speaking Englisi and then determine the pros and cons of your tone, pronunciation and even accent).   


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