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 During this tutorial you may not solely learn English, with it, you will find some English partner also then you'll communicate with them otherwise you can make an honest conversation in among of us. 

Alternative proposal 

This tutorial may not only help you learn English, but also to find a English Speaking 
partner for language exchange. This will not only help you improve your language skills 
but potentially also make friends around the world.

There is a thumb rule of learn English which is communication, there's a two sorts of communication: verbal and nonverbal, unfortunately we couldn't begin the verbal communication here because of pandemic influenza covid-19 or coronavirus so we will focus on online or nonverbal so here we will began conversation online through chatting/ messages so let's get started

Alternative proposal 

There are generally speaking two basic ways of learning English: 
1. Face to face communication
2. Textbook learning
Unfortunately due to Covid the first method has become highly restricted, and the second 
method is rather boring and not very motivating. But what if you could learn through lively 
interaction with people all around the world and make friends at the same time.
That is what we offer: We combine the best of both worlds of book learning and face to face 
communication, thereby progressing like a champion from the safety of your own while 
enjoying your morning Chai [Or Latte]?

You can learn anything
Learn online english for free

So here you've got to write down your name during this blog post so that whoever reads your comment can reply to it and start 
a conversation, That way you will easilty find an online language exchange partner with whom to enhance your english

We can communicate with various method by the assistance of various differing types of apps like social media: for example Instagram, snapchat, messenger, messages
Or etc.

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Our system is compatible with various online apps so that we can connect you with your
international language exchange partners through other platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, 
Messenger etc.

Whoever is interested or finding partners  with whom to  improve your English can find their perfect match here.

In order for your future language partners to easily connect with you, you should not only put 
down your name, but also your various usernames on social media like Instagram, Snapchat etc..

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My blog is not only read all over India, both in all major cities as well as the countryside, but 
they have an international global audience. So please respect the community standards, as no 
offensive language, fraud attempts or other improprieties will be tolerated.

[Alternative proposal];
So good luck and dive into the experience of intense language immersion with an international 
language community of English speaking dialogue partners who may soon become your network 
of friends all across the globe

This is the blog you can learn anything
This blog post have only english content without copyright, it's blog for all about of education or learn english

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