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Novel Coronavirus: five Things apprehend|to understand|to grasp} regarding the SARS-Like Infection | China update these days cornav…

Nowadays cornavcoron is spreading so fast altogether over the country and that i think only few state or city is left of this perndomic disease
Let me tell you one thing that's cornavcoron is that the popular word in 2020
Everyone just wishing that god please skip the 2020

Pm Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi gives the order of curfew now 21 days are going to be lock down noone allows to travel to the surface 

China | mahana | Bats

There is no suspense that coronavirus spread everywhere the country thanks to China mahana there people eats the bats that's why it's spread so fast in across the country

Now this virus isn't just an epidemic it's the main problems for all the state and county

Nowadays mask is also very expensive 

There is no proper medical treatment which is cause you to better for coronavirus virus. For this have only solution that social distancing, hand washing, wear mask.

If you've got also something thought for this virus so please comment down

I don't know which sort of virus is that this but I hope it'll be go 

Modi ji request to all or any of the citizens to remain the house and stay safe for this virus I hope you all also are staying your home roghr now and you're reading this blog post in your house


There is many thanks to prevent your self and your family some usual things is that this that wash your hands properly for 2 minutes, 
Wear the mask , and stay the house don't begin .

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