Upstairs brain
Make choice up on the reasion, behaviour and thought.

Downstairs brain

Take decision abreast of the sensation , words and place.

Growth mindset

When you are sure otherwise you know already what you've got to try to to in further.

Fixed mindset
When you set illusion in your mind that this work i'm unable to handle.


1. Upstairs brain
Before reacting on someone you're taking a touch bit pause then you thinked that which i will be able to be do that is true or wrong

2. Downstairs brain
Without knowing the very fact or trurt you react on someone abreast of your felling

When you continuously changes your goals because you not decided yet, you've got to form in your future.

4. Fixed mindset
When you already know what you've got to form become otherwise you surely about your goals.

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Keep smile and learn always new never stop learning because study is very important in our life and never forget which you learned today about upstairs brain downstairs brain growth mindset and fixed mindset.

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