How to speak english fluently 8 method

Hello reader's today we will work on How to speak english fluently 8 method, so without wasting a single moment let's get start

Tips to speak English fluently:

1. Practice to think in English 1111 As a rule of thumb, the foremost important key to English fluency is the ability to think in English, so you would like to practice to think in English as native speakers do. Here are some useful tips to help you improve this typical skill Stop the habit of translating between Languages (if you have). Use an English to English dictionary to look up words.Try to think in English -- anywhere,anytime. A student shared with us that he usually walks in the park and tries to describe people around him in English by using as much adjectives as she can. You can do an equivalent , or create your own method to practice thinking English whenever you have 'free time to think.

Thinks you should aware with this

When you talk,
You are only repeating
What you already know.
But if you listen, you may learn something new.

Types of vocabulary 

We have a two types of vocabulary once is active vocabulary and the second one is passive vocabulary, learn difference between the vocabulary, which links I gave you above

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