How to speak english fluently 8 method

Hello readers, today we are going to work on How to speak English fluently, so without wasting another second let's get started

Stay calm and don't worry about grammar
• The message should be clear
• Don't worry about grammar in the first stage
• Continue to learn new words and grammar rules as you progress

Tips for speaking English fluently:
Practice thinking in English:
As a general rule, the most important part of speaking English fluently is the ability to think in this language, so practice thinking in English, just like a native English speaker does.
Here are a couple of helpful tips to improve this skill:
• Stop translating between languages ​​(if you have been doing it).
• Use an English dictionary to look up words you don't know.
• Try to think in English, wherever you are and at all times.

A student once shared with us that she, whenever she was walking in the park, which she often does, she would try to describe the people around her in English using as many adjectives as she could think of.
You can do an activity similar to this or come up with your own method to practice thinking in English every time you have free time to think.

Something you should keep in mind
When you speak,
You're repeating what you already know
But if you listen or hear, you can learn something new.

Vocabulary types
We use two types of vocabulary, active and passive, learn the differences between them in the links that I have left you, above, in this article.

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