Learn English bbc learn English online learn English free

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Learn English bbc learn English online learn English free

Every day write something in English
Writing can be a great way to use new vocabulary and understand grammar. Try to write something new every day using the new words and grammar that you have been learning.
Even if it is only a couple of sentences it is very important to insist on generating the habit of doing this activity.

Learn English phrases and idioms
As a general rule, you should learn phrases, not just single words. For example, one would say: "how does one feel today?" ("How are you feeling today?") (As you might say in your native language), but an English speaker might say "how are you doing?" ("How are you?") Or "what's up?" ("What's up?") Instead. So the key to becoming a fluent English speaker is to gain proficiency in English phrases. You should learn English phrases instead of single words.

Never be afraid of making mistakes as you can learn from them.

When you speak,
You repeat what you already know.
But if you listen or hear, you can learn something new.

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