Learn English bbc learn English online learn English free

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Learn English bbc learn English online learn English free

Writing Everyday in English

Writing may be a good way of using new
vocabulary and getting your head around
grammar. attempt to write something a day 
using new words and grammar that you' ve
learned. albeit it's only a couple of sentences, it's
very important to urge into the habit of doing

Learn phrases and English Idioms

As a rule of thumb, you ought to learn word 
phrases, not just words in English. For
example, you'll say "how does one feel 
today?"(the same way together with your native
language) but an English speaker 
might say "how're you doing?" or "what's up?"
instead. So one among the key to become morefluent in 
spoken English is to master English phrases. You
should learnEnglish phrases rather than Individual 
And never afaired to make a mistake while learning, because When you make mistakes so you may learn from it,


When you talk,
You are only repeating
What you already know.
But if you listen, you may learn something new.

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